This is my tribute to the black cartoon characters I grew up watching. Happy Black History Month.

1. Gerald - Hey Arnold
2. Keesha - The Magic School Bus
3. Huey & Riley Freeman - The Boondocks
4. Fillmore - Fillmore
5. Storm - X-Men
6. Sunny Bridges - Class of 3000
7. C Bear and Jamal - C Bear and Jamal
8. The Browns - The Cleveland Show
9. Kwame - Captain Planet
10. Brock - Pokemon
11. Susie - The Rugrats
12. Franklin - Peanuts
13. Little Bill - Little Bill
14. The Junkyard Gang - Fat Albert & The Cosby Kids
15. John Stewart - Justice League
16. Gary Coleman - The Gary Coleman Show
17. Static Shock - Static Shock
18. Skeeter - Doug (yes Skeeter is black… Don’t question it)
19. Chef - South Park
20. The Harlem Globetrotters - The Super Globetrotters
21. Miranda - As Told By Ginger
22. Vince - Recess
23. The Prouds - The Proud Family
24. Uniqua - The Backyardigans (her name is Uniqua… Don’t question it)
25. The Tenants of the Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs Projects - The Pjs
26. Afro Samurai - Afro Samurai
27. Damey Wayne - Waynehead
28. Cyborg - Teen Titans
29. Mr. Popo - Dragonball Z (let me have this one)
30. Numbuh 5 - Kids Next Door

Very important

I love this

Every month is black history month in America. Every single pillar institution is built on the backs of black slaves whose sacrifices are too often buried beneath the waves of temporality.



Ounce. At You’re Dead! The Flying Lotus Tumblr IRL Experience

As the $easons start to change, our interstellar friend Flying Lotus has prepared the release of yet another beautifully lush LP, You’re Dead!

With help from renowned Japanese illustrator Shintaro Kagoand visual wizards Strangeloop and Timeboy FlyLo unveiled the record in a fully immersive experience thanks to Tumblr IRL, with all his friends and collaborators in attendance.

Ounce. was there to capture the action, check our GIFs and photos of the experience featuring Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, Thundercat, PBDY, and more!